Carbide create cutting bit problem

I am setting up a T8 engraver and using carbide create to create the g code, so fa so good.
I can load the g code into the grill sender(v 3.6.x I think), so far so good.
When it sends it to the machine (T8) it follows the path but does not lower the cutting bit.
Any help would be appreciated


Usually this is a disconnect between how you have the origin set in your file:

and how you are setting your zero relative to the stock:

If you continue to have difficulties, post your

  • .c2d file
  • generated G-Code
  • step-by-step instructions on how you are securing your stock and setting zero relative to it

here or to and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

Hi William,

Thanks for the very quick reply.

I looked through the tutorials again and nothing I am setting up is different to what they show.

I have built a few 3D printers and basically this T8 is a small machine very reminiscent of the printers.

So to keep file sizes down etc I drew a 30mm dogbone square, that would be cut into the middle of a 100mm square of mdf 1.5mm deep, and set up the job along with outputting the g code. I set the machine going and from the start the machine took a z path to the start point, which I thought a little strange. It then did a complete circuit without touching the board and then did two more passes cutting into the mdf.

I then looked at the g code and I noticed there were no spaces between the instructions, I know they are not needed, and that the first z up was after the co-ordinates but before the move command. I put the z up first then the co-ordinates followed by the move command and the path to the start point was now in a straight line. I still had erratic z movements though. I felt the z motor and it was definitely warmer than the x and y motors, not hot just warmer. I let it run the same design over the same bit of wood and watched the z drive during the run. The z motor was positive during its lift and drop stages but periodically it would make random moves.

It is possible that either the z motor or the driver board is faulty, this is all new from gearbest. Tomorrow I will change the driver board and if that does not work I will change the motor.

The results will wing their way to you.

I hope you and yours stay well during this pandemic and thanks for your attentions


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Hi William
Swapped out and the motor runs cooler, that’s a plus, but still have z axis issues. Will swap the motor out tomorrow.
Changing the sequence of the gcode definitely improves the route to the start position. Will see if I can send examples.

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