Carbide Create Development?

After a great job of requirements gathering and then fantastic rate of development and bug fix frenzy of Carbide Create for the first two weeks of August (about 9 versions issued in those two weeks alone!) -there has not been a peep from Carbide3d as to whether all the remaining requests are being addressed or not - and most particularly the outstanding bugs and idiosyncrasies of that software that have been pointed out by many in this forum.

My personal view is that they may have realized that the fundamental software design and architecture does not lend itself as great basis for future development and they are perhaps going through a much more extensive re-write then they had first thought.

Just a guess - but I actually hope the above is true as I had been fearing they could paint themselves into a corner on their recent development path and are now building a much stronger software base for the future? (particularly if they will be charging quite a lot of money for the Pro version). I feel that I am limited by CC right now and am likely to go for V-Carve Desktop soon - but wanted to see if the improved CC might become sufficient for my needs as a hobbiest.

C3D also asked for people to offer themselves as software beta testers early in September - but nothing further has been mentioned as far as I know.

I wonder if anyone at C3D would like to comment in some way on the roadmap/timescale for CC ? (or am I just way too impatient ?) :wink:

There is likely some new hardware on the way apparently - “announcements coming soon” which is really great - but I think the software is quite a limiting factor right now.

So this is a gentle prod to get some useful info on how C3D is likely to evolve for the next few months!

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I started the speculations on the new Carbide developments in another thread. I suspect that the limited software development resources are currently used to update Carbide Motion required in order to release some new hardware products and Carbide Create is on-hold. A few members here have been pretty silent and may be beta testing new stuff including CM.

I was managing a large software development shop building several engineering apps so I have a bit of knowledge in this area. IMO, it will take a significant investment of time, effort, money and resources to be anywhere near the abilities of VCarve and personally, from what I have seen, I don’t see this happening any time soon. For the foreseeable future, CC will remain, a good application to get users started but most will move-on to more capable applications.

Just my $0.02

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Well my 2 cents is this company is the best vendor I have ever felt with. Yup I’m new to CNC but I’m old in the world of great customer service and C3d is the absolute best. I will stick with them based on all they have done. Finally got a Purple Heart box for my brothers award, they helped me along the way. After 2 days the router started to run on then off. 2 days later a replacement was at my door. Had a broken wheel on the z last Saturday, Monday there were 4 new ones ready to install. Enough said.


No-one said that the products were not good, it has to do with software capabilities, should you wait for features to appear in the new version of CC or get something else. You may want to wait but it may take a long time for the features available in other applications to appear in CC due to other priorities for the available resources.

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I agree that C3D is a great company with great hardware and very good support indeed . I was not looking for any speculation of what may or may not be in future versions of the software.

For the general benefit of the people in this forum, I am just hoping to get a response from C3D since they have been particularly silent on what is happening with Carbide Create and what is realistic to expect from them. Their recent lack of communication and participation in this forum is quite unusual (Will Adams excepting) and I had hoped they may shed some light on what is coming.

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Copy and Paste.
I’d be super happy if the damn thing would let you copy items from one document and paste them into another.


I think it needs a bit more in support of this.

  • CC should use the system’s copy and paste so you can copy and paste between applications;
  • CC should be able to have more than one project open at the same time.