Carbide Create - Diamond, Circle, Square Test Pattern

Does anyone have a drawing in Carbide Create for the Diamond, Circle Square test pattern. I have been trying to draw it but keep having problems with overlying graphics covering up what I am trying to do. I am not very good at the CAD drawing stuff and just want to cut this out to see how the machine is setup and functioning. If you have one I would certainly appreciate it. Of if you can point me to instructions on how to draw it and set the toolpaths that would be great too.

I am using Carbide Create an Carbide Motion for the time being as I learn the basics. I have see the stuff on the Wiki but want to try to stick with the basic programs for a few weeks.

Thanks ahead of time. I have been a lurker here for awhile and see the value of the forum and the members helping each other. Hopefully in the future I can give back to the community.

Here’s one which Edward sent me early in the Carbide Create testing: (remove the .txt extension after downloading to open it)

FWIW, I did write up a tutorial on drawing this up in Inkscape — you could do that, then import the SVG:

Thanks Will for sending me the file. However there must be some problems with the current Carbide Create. When you look at the toolpaths in simulation mode for the document it doesnt show any cutting toolpaths but it does show the paths on the left with the settings. I will keep messing with it. I am sure it will be one of those “you idiot” moments when I finally get it to work.