Carbide Create DXF File LUA Load Error, Won't Load DXF Files

I am new to this and am having a difficult time loading free DXF files, from this site, into Carbide Create.

I keep getting this error and have tried at least 10 different files. I do not have another file to try that is not from this site so I do not know if it is just the files from this site or not.

I have read that you need to convert the DXF files to SVG in order for it to work, if so then what free software is the best at doing this.

Anyone else been having this problem?


I have seen this pop up when I import a DXF with certain formats.

If you have options when saving a DXF try some different settings.
Currently “2004 Lines” has worked best for me.

Try this file and let me know if it works.

51 StarBurst Design - for a clock face or…
51 starburst 14 inch.dxf (383.9 KB)

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Your file worked great, thank you!

Since I am new to this I do not have any additional software to edit these DXF files in order to save with a different option like the “2004 Lines” you mentioned above. What software do you recommend that I try? Is there any freeware that is worth messing with or is it just the shareware that does a good job?

Thanks again,

@jvrieger Here is a popular and one of the best and few free vector programs:
Unless you create the DXF yourself, or purchase a file that is specifically prepped for digital fabrication, it’s going to need some editing. Most files have a untrimmed edge somewhere or a double line, etc.

You can always draw in Carbide Create.

List of free/opensource options here: — there are also lists of Bézier drawing programs on the wiki.

HI all
this file loaded for me too into carbide create

i imported this file into vector works 14 then exported it
it loaded into create fine

went back to vector works added a square to the top
exported it with the same settings and went to load it into create
alas the LUA error strikes again

this is driving me crazy

Has anybody with vector works managed to find the right combination
of settings to use

thanks in advance

Hi Lorenzo, I know you wrote this a long time ago but I am having the same issues. Did you ever find a good way to export from vectorworks to a dxf that will load properly into carbide create?

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The community has some notes on this at:
including some notes on how to fix such files.

If you have problematic files, please send them in to us at and we’ll do our best to help.

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I found a free piece of software at the link WillAdams shared above, QCAD. It lets me open the DXF files I was having problems opening. Once I had it open in QCAD all I would do is perform a SAVE AS and save it as a DXF file, one of the first two DXF options (R32 or R27 are the only options I have tried, both work). I then open the DXF file in Carbide Create.

If you can deal with the 5-second delay they make you wait through (because it’s free) then this program will work.

Hope this helps, it solved my problem.


LibreCAD and its export as MakerCAM SVG which is suggested at the link I provided doesn’t make you wait.

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