Carbide Create DXF Import Units

I’m having an issue importing DXF files generated by OnShape. The units in the DXF (MM) always seem to be interpreted as inches regardless of how I have the job’s units configured in the software.

I have no issue modifying the DXF header information to force the unit conversion to be accurate, I’m just not sure what I need to edit.

Reading through some articles online, the tag is supposed to be INSUNITS but changing that manually between 1 and 4 for INCHES or MM doesn’t seem to impact the import.

Any advice?

James Webb Mirror Assembly - Part 19.dxf (108.3 KB)

I believe I’ve been able to work through this issue. Adjusting the units in Carbide Create didn’t seem to have an affect, however, toggling the units back and forth in OnShape does. I switched it to INCHES from MM and it seems to be scaled correctly now.

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