Carbide Create Export SVG DPI

Does anyone know the default DPI that CC exports svg images. I am making a P-51 model for a 2x4 challenge for my Woodowrking Club. I found some nice line drawings and made them into svg images in inscape. They imported very small and I created a 6x6" box and sized the images to fit into the 6x6 box. I exported the outlines so when I cutout the side and top profiles I can paste the svg printed image to trim them to the outlines. I opened the exported image in Affinity designer and the default DPI was 72 so I increased the DPI to 96 and printed the outline. The outline was 6 Inches long. So not sure if the Affinity just set 72 DPI or if the image was 72 DPI.

I was successful at getting the outline printed at 6" but just wondered if anyone know the default DPI for export of an SVG in CC v726.

96 dpi.

You should be able to set to this when exporting from Serif’s Affinity Designer:

Launch Carbide Create. File | Open:

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