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I must be missing something here or is it possible? Can I reopen a file that I have made with Carbide Create and edit it or do some adding to some more of the drawing? Everything is saved as a .c2d file but the software is saying that there is no such file. The properties of the file say it is an .nc and my version of Carbide Create does not see it. I know I must be missing something and haven’t made myself very understandable but maybe someone can help if the program will do what I want to do.

I believe that you have exported your design as a .nc file, which is only the G-Code, but failed to save the file — Carbide Create indicates a file is not saved by having “Save” and “Save as” in red — unfortunately Carbide Create will allow one to close a file without saving it and won’t warn of that.

Hi Will,
Thanks for the response to my query. I know I didn’t make myself clear. This 72 year old brain just dosen’t work like it used to. I saw mention of build 313, where can I download that?

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@fraysier updates are available HERE.

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Hi Larry, Correct me if I am wrong but are you trying to double-click a .c2d file to open it in Carbide Create? That actually does not work (Not sure why, but it doesn’t). However, if you open Carbide Create itself, you can then choose “Open” and navigate to the .c2d file you want to re-open it. It’s not terribly intuitive, but that’s how it works.

Does that help?

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Thanks BoscoBob and John and Will,
I figured out my poblem…Create was saving the files as .nc instead of .2cd…My bad as always I didn’t know that I had to tell it the format to save in. Thanks to all, I am back on track now.


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