Carbide Create for the win!

I bought a shapeoko a year ago and and really love it. I also like carbide create. For certain situations its super easy and fast. Recently I spearheaded a program at work to buy a very big CNC. We have some CAM software but for certain situations i really missed carbide create. Then I discovered that it was open now and was super suprised and pumped that it worked on our new machine. i have been really happy except for two issues. One do you think you will open it up to select custom machine sizes. Our machine at work is way bigger then the largest carbide machine so not being able to overide the machine types is a pain. Also sometimes the software will not make a proper toolpath on a imported dxf. Like it just leaves lines off of make shapes that aren’t even close to the dxf. You preview it and thats when you notice. The preview doesent match the dxf. Whats wierd is it has happened on dxf files previously i have done fine. Apart from that i recommend you guy to everyone! My shapeoko was what was needed to get me capable enough to tackle the larger machines.

Glad Carbide Create is working out well for you.

Please send in any DXF files which don’t work to and we’ll try to have a developer look into them.

I’m afraid the stock sizes are specific to Carbide 3D machines — you can use a 3rd party previewer though:

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