Carbide create, fusion360Slicer, illustrator

Trying to generate a sliced model path from 360 SLICER. Exporting eps to Illustr, then exporting .svg. I get a mangled file in CC. I don’t see any visible issue. I looked at it in Inkscape in outline mode. CC simulation shows missing segments and knots on path.
Tried various svg versions, tried reversing path direction, tried .dxf, tried exporting .svg from Inkscape.
CC always shows a mangled simulation. Attached .

I’m not seeing an attachment.

SVGs seem to work best if:

  • no overlapping or intersecting geometry
  • some files will work more reliably when winding direction is correct (outermost path is counterclockwise, next is clockwise and alternate as needed)

also, pixel images don’t work, and size must be specified.


hmmm. looks like my account is on hold until Im verified, cant seem to post attatchments quite yet.


While I await approval to post attachments I did some more reading and I think I may have found the issue- I am using a 1/16" flat bit (.0625/.063). It seems that this is beyond the resolution of the built-in simulation ? I visualized a.25 flat bit and the simulation looked good. Seems like the paths are OK in toolpath view… can I trust them and just forget the simulation errors ?

yep, that’s it - 1/16th end mill doesnt simulate proper, but cuts fine.

The previewing system discards small features — if a small endmill is only making a single pass, it often gets left out — the blue path indicators in the Toolpath view are reliable however, and if one wishes, one can use a 3rd party previewer — list of them at: