Carbide create gets stuck on calculating

my carbide create gets stuck on calculating a tool path it can spend a whole day and it doent move it does not allow me to delete or save the file to run the job. does anyone have this problem i will really appreciate the help

What sort of computer are you using? What OS and version? What graphic card? Memory? Free disk space?

Have you saved the file? Where?

Post the file here?

I was not able to save the file when it happened i am sending a screen shot of it
I have the file without tool paths. the issue happens when i do the tool paths. Thank you for taking the time.

You should post the file here without the toolpaths, and a good description of the toolpath you are trying to create that causes the problem.

I have seen that a few times but the save actually worked for me even though it didn’t act like it was. When I opened the file back up it was all Ok including the toolpaths.

Since it is still calculating it isn’t allowing me to save.

Hope this offers more clarification as it will not let me save.

Please post screen grabs showing the toolpath settings and selections for the toolpaths which won’t finish, delete the problematic toolpaths, then save the file and post it here.

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