Carbide Create glitch or user error?

I’m having a problem using CC. I’m trying to cut slots for some wooden holding clamps…very simple. I select the rectangle tool and set my size and location of it on the work piece. I repeat the procedure for the second slot. I select the first rectangle, select contour and select pocket. Once I click ok it shows the blue line and blackened out area in the rectangle. Here is were the problem comes into play. The right rectangle will not let me apply a pocket to it. It will let me apply an outside cut but not a pocket. It’s only on the right rectangle. Is this a software glitch or something I’m doing wrong? Also, this happens on both computers I’m using.


Post the source SVG?

I suspect it’s not a closed path.

Thank you William. I deleted the file. The next day I started over as a new project. I never was able to finish because I received an error message that the program was not responding and had to be shut down. The program has done that a few times in my short time of using it. I have since purchased other cad/cam software and moved on. It’s a shame because CC would have done everything I need at this point in my CNC’ing but it’s just too buggy.

But thank you for your help all the same.

Was your rectangle too small for the selected bit to actually cut a pocket inside of?

No it wasn’t. It was the exact same as the first one which was fine.

Thank you,