Carbide Create: How do I draw a line to cut a straight line or groove?

How do you draw a line in CC? lol

Unfortunately, it seems that Carbide Create has been simplified to the point that it really isn’t possible to draw geometry which isn’t closed.

To do that you’ll want to use a drawing program such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator, or a CAD program such as DraftSight.

I use AutoCAD, but I have no experience using a CAM program. (Converting the drawing to gCode.) Do you know of a standard or simple solution to turn my CAD drawings into gCode that will work with the S3? Converting the dwg (cad files) to dxf to open in CC doesn’t work. It only shows the closed objects.

And you say to use something like Illustrator…how do you then create a gCode file from that? I would imagine it would have the same problem when and if you open it in CC, that open lines etc will not be shown. I had a drawing in photoshop that I opened in CC and roughly 20% of the drawing was missing because it was opened paths/lines/objects.

I used Inkscape and MakerCAM to draw a straight-line and create a follow-profile cut and wrote up the process here:

Illustrator will save as a .svg, which may then be converted to G-code by:

  • opening the SVG in Inkscape and using the gcodetools plug-in
  • opening the SVG in MakerCAM and using the follow path command which I mentioned

Carbide Create will also import a .svg

We just started making changes in CC to allow open contours to be drawn. We need to make it possible to join them, and for the toolpaths to deal with open contours, handle a few other edge cases and then we’ll release it.

Not sure when it will make a public appearance but I’d expect it in a few weeks.



Was open geometry ever implemented into carbide create?

Was this update ever implemented?