Carbide Create keeps crashing

I keep having issues every time that I try to view a project that I created in Carbide Create I get a response that carbidecreate has stopped working. Does anyone have any pointers on this?

I would ask that you post the project so that we could try to duplicate the error. if the Error is only at your end, it is something unique to your setup, if we all have it, it would be inherent in the file and our common software/firmware, if some have it and some don’t that would go a long way in finding the common elements of the issue. In the last situation, If those reading this thread open the file, and record the specifics of their system and results, the issue could get defined pretty quickly.

Starting with a “Help!” in the dark is a good thing!
Playing “Marko, Pollo” in the dark usually works with enough time, attention, and constant calling out,
But, giving everyone the file to your issue will get everyone jogging to your exact point of frustration with in a few minutes each!

Please package up any such problem files, and instructions for re-creating the error and send them to and we’ll look into it.

I will say anecdotally, I have constant issues with Carbide Create displaying " (stopped responding) " at the top of the window and locking up while it processes. This is generally when i go to create a toolpath for multiple items at the same time. Once it creates the toolpath, it goes back to normal. I have the same issue with zooming in and out using the scroll wheel. I’ve tried it on multiple computers with the same file. However, it IS random. I’ve attached a file for reference.

chris liner (274.0 KB)

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Mine crashes the same way. Next time I get to the shop I’ll upload my file.