Carbide create keeps freezing

I have two computers one for design and the other to run my shapeoko. On my design computer crabide create keeps freezing. I have tried Uninstalling it and even upgrading it but it keeps freezing. Does anyone know why this could be happening

I am going to say something you dont want to hear. The problem is in your local machine. I worked on computers all my working life. When an application used by so many people is not having widely reported problems like CC then it is local.

So to help diagnose take a look at your system logs. Also start Task Manager by hitting Ctrl, ALT and DEL at the same time and pick Task Manager. There is an option in Task Manager to always keep it on top. You can make the window small but be able to see disk usage and memory and CPU. At the moment your application stalls out then take a look to see if you are out of memory or your disk is running at 100% or the CPU. You will have to look at your system logs and you can find out how by looking that up on google or your search engine of choice. There is a reason but it may not be obvious to a user. You just see it disappear. If I were to bet I would say it is a memory issue. For disk and CPU usually things just stall out and eventually come back to life.

What OS are you running and how much memory do you have on your machine? If you are on a MAC someone else will pipe in.


Is it a new computer? If so, it’s probably downloading updates β€” wait for that to finish.

If you can provide a step-by-step set of instructions for causing a crash or lockup on your machine which we can duplicate we will do our best to look into them.

Its not a new computer and carbide create has run perfect on the computer in the past.

Completely random crash no certain operations also no other program on the computer is crashing only carbide create

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