Carbide Create Live (CCL) Ep. 2 - Sept. 2nd 2022

Carbide Create Live is all about our machines and furthering your design process.
Join us for Episode 2 on Sept. 2nd.

Our goal is to help you improve your skills and continue to have success with your machine. Every episode includes a “Discussion Topic”, a “How To” and an “Interactive” section.
Q+A Throughout. This is an interactive forum designed to facilitate learning and provoke you to take on new projects.

Episode 2
Discussion: Making Better Files: Use of Layers / Naming of Toolpaths / Ordering Toolpaths - Creating order out of chaos inside your files to improve performance, machinability and your creative process.
How To: Rest Machining: New to Create 7 - Rest Machining saves you time with your parts. How to and When to use this new feature.
Interactive: Create Quickfire Challenge 2: Your ideas come to life on the show. Some insight into how I attack design challenges. What tool paths / What tools and WHY. All on the fly.

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Topic: Carbide Create Live - Ep. 2
Time: Sep 2, 2022 01:30 PM Los Angeles

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Thank you , I will place this on my calendar. You guys and gals are awesome.

I plan to be there. Thanks for all your support!

A reminder that we go live tomorrow at 1:30pm. Hope to see you there.

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One topic which came up was the idea of doing a radial pattern — we’d discussed this a bit in the past:

Thanks that was useful.
A future topic that might be nice is the 3d carve toolpaths. Winston’s video on that is at hyperspeed (and tiny fonts) and a bit hard to follow (especially since I think the interface has changed a bit since he made those.)
Thanks again. Probably will have more questions once I get to try some things out.


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@KevBarn14 @WillAdams Here is the method I came up with (I think this is the shape Josh wanted…rather than the spirograph shape…but maybe I’m wrong):

Create a Hexagonal shape
Add a vertical line

Then Use Circular Array with 6 elements

Drag the ENDPOINT of the key line to the center of the hex shape

Rotate 30 Degrees

Trim the vectors inside the Hex


  • Gary

Now, I am came up with my question… and a suggestion.

With rest machining, can t be used with the advanced vcarve functionality. i.e. a raised letter sign, using a quarter inch end mill to clear the bulk of the field, an eighth inch to get closer to the lettering so that the V-bit doesn’t have to spend a lot of time clear the edge of the field near the letters.

And a suggestion for the next Carbide create live: Have the members of the team who are on the call introduce themselves. I knew Kevin and Rob were part of the team, but only after inferred that WillandJen was the Will that instantly responds to questions on the forum (at least I think it was). It would be nice to get names associated with faces. (though I was guilty like my students of just being a black rectangle during the session :roll_eyes:)


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Hey Everyone,
Thanks for your participation in the last CCL. We covered some good ground. Unfortunately the recording of the session failed (this due to the fact that I didn’t not press record).
Therefor, this session goes off into the ether.

The next one will be in about a month, and I definitely will hit record!

I would love for people to bring more questions. This is meant to be an interactive forum. Be sure and ask anything that comes up during the session.

I look forward to the next time we all get together.

  • Kevin

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