Carbide Create: Moveable job zero?

I figured out a time-saving trick in Carbide Create. Instead of locating job-zero at the lower left corner of the part, I move it left and down by 1/2 the tool radius. This way I can just touch off and run. I no longer have the addition step of compensating for the tool radius for each run.

The time and potential human error saved makes it worth putting up with the didficulties incurred. Here are the difficulties with my approach:

1.) All the part dimensions are now off by 1/2 tool radius.
2.) If I have to touch off a different corner then lower left, then my Carbide Create design must move into invisible “negative land”. The simulator won’t show the details any more!

So my request is this: Could you add a feature to Carbide Create which allowed the job-zero icon to be moved around and placed anywhere within the drawing? The drawing-zero would remain at the lower left corner so that dimensioning remained easy, with no offset to remember.

Better yet, have a job-zero and dimensioning-zero which could BOTH be moved around relative to the drawing-zero. This would allow the simulator to show dummy holes located south of the part (I use dummy holes to navigate around clamps).

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