Carbide Create New Guy help

Just got a Shapeoko XXL and I’m in the process of making a waste board using the 9mm threaded inserts from Carbide in 3/4" MDF. Using Carbide Create I programed my waste board and all looks good but on the first through hole it cut… instead of a 9mm hole I got a 19mm hole??? any thoughts? in the design the radius is set at 8.992mm.
thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Robert,

If the radius is 8.992mm, then the diameter should be around 18mm. So it is in the ballpark.


Thank you that makes sense…


Post your file and people on the forum will look at it and help. You have already bought your inserts but I prefer Tee Nuts. You want the inserts below the surface of the spoil board so you can flatten the spoil board several times. I did not see where you live but I used 1/4-20 5/16" Tee nuts so I have room to flatten several times. Just make sure you insert your threaded inserts below the surface and be aware that you do not want to cut into them when flattening. Depending on the depth of your inserts also make sure you do not have sticking out the bottom as that will make your spoil board uneven.


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