Carbide Create Newbie Question

Do I need to purchase CC pro to create g code or can I do it with free version.

If you need to export gcode to use with another machine you need the the pro version of version 7. Version 6 is still available and the free version of version 6 will export gcode.

If you are using a Carbide 3D machine and running it with Carbide Motion you do not need the gCode. The newer versions of Carbide Motion will run the C2D file directly.

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Also, if you have a Carbide machine, then Carbide Motion will allow you to export the G Code once you connect to the machine.

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I think the website still works too. You can extract G-code from a .c2d file here: Extract GCode from Carbide Create V7

So, no you don’t need pro to create g-code

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