Carbide Create on two computers

I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I use my desktop iMac to design my projects, but run CM from my MacBook Air. From time to time I need to make minor changes to the design, but do this on the Air rather than traipsing through the house.

Obviously the program’s folders are installed on each machine, but I was wondering if the files in the Tools folder of the Data Directory can be copied from the iMac to the respective folder in the Air?


Yes, that should work, the Tools library files are CSV files which should be cross-platform — some folks have worked up a network scheme which synchs them on two separate computers.

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That was going to be my next question!

I’ve saved all my projects on a NAS drive, but was wondering if the *.ini file (usually used by Windows) is editable so the applications look at a common folder for the configuration files?

Thanks again.

The .ini file isn’t supposed to be editable — I’m pretty sure the paths are hard-coded, you’ll need to either modify your folder settings to make this a shared folder on the network or synch the file.

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Thanks @WillAdams

I’ll do that :+1:

I also have the same setup and had the same question/concern about 5 years ago; @ApolloCrowe suggested that I use DropBox to move my files. That was before AirDrop and Google Drive (which are two other methods of sending files to other computers). PS Works awesome.

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i use a mac at my desk and a microsoft surface tablet in the shop. I was wondering about similar things and just decided to share / synch using google drive.


I share the network drive on both computers, so I save the *.c2d and associated *.nc files, then (subject to an editing) run the *.nc file from the Air.

It works OK, but it would be nice if both applications run from the same *.ini file, but I understand the issues because, if the application is open on one computer, the *.ini file becomes read only, so any changes made would either crash the program or corrupt the *.ini, possibly leading to further problems.

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