Carbide Create parameters for fine drawing with pencil

Hi there, I’m using a 0.3mm diameter permament maker pen with a home made GRBL CNC.

I have a drawing it consist of 0.4mm lines and some little rectangles sized 1x2mm for example. I want draw this all fine details as much as there is no outline offset error.

To do this I created one 0.4mm, 90 degree tool mimicking my pen. It will be good but there is only one problem I need to solve, with this 0.4mm tool, the pen draws all lines 2 times. I want to make it one. Step over is 0.3mm, max depth 0.001mm, starting depth is 0.0, tools depth per pass 0.001.

What can I do for make the pen pass over all lines only once?

Copied from

G1Z-0.254 F1524.0
G1X40.860Y104.856 F5080.0

Plunge: 1524mm/min.
Feed: 5080mm/min.
Depth: -0.254mm

What feed and plunge do about in here?
And depth is negative?

plunge is the first movement:

G1Z-0.254 F1524.0

Depth is the depth per pass — presumably you’re only taking one pass.

A pencil isn’t a good option though, since the graphite wears away.

I mean pen sorry. But still depth can’t be nagative in the software and I don’t understand what you advice to me. Which tool tip I need to select?

Make a new tool.

You need to cut down by 0.254 mm — the software will convert that into negative if you zero on the surface.