Carbide Create position of item to cut on stock issue

So I imported my svg file and completed the job parameters moving on to the toolpath. Later, I wanted to change something and went back to the job parameters, changed what I needed to change and continued. But now the window that allows you to position your cut on the stock doesn’t appear again.

I’d like to reposition my cut but can’t find a way to bring up that window again.

Could someone please explain what I’m doing wrong?

Many thanks!

The positioning dialog is a one-time thing when the SVG is imported.

You can select all the geometry, group it, then drag it to where you wish it to be or scale it as needed.

If you wish to set the position relative to the stock using the alignment options, draw in a second bit of geometry and select it as well to activate the alignment option.

Great thanks :grinning:

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