Carbide Create Post Processor

I was looking at Carbide Create, specifically the “Post Processor” aspect. I will be changing from a Sainsmart 3018 CNC to Shapeoko Pro XXL and I had the Post Processor set for “GRBL”.
I would think SPRO-XXL would run under GRBL but I see “Carbide 3D Shapeoko” listed as well. Will I want to change from from GRBL? Or is that only if I am running Carbide Motion? Currently running Universal G-Code Sender.

The GRBL post processor does not support the BitSetter and some other specific Shapeoko functions. So you can still use the GRBL for your 3rd party machine and the Shapeoko for the Shapeoko machine. Just change it when creating gcode.


The shapeoko post makes a few more assumptions about the machine that a generic GRBL port can’t (homing switches for one). As @gdon_2003 says, use Shapeoko and GRBL posts for the appropriate machines and you should be good.


My thought process was along those lines I just wanted to be sure.

Thank you.

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