Carbide Create Pro and STL files question

Can you import a STL file into Carbide Create Pro and cut it with Carbide Motion on the Shapeoko.

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No. Carbide Create Pro does not import STLs (I suspect it won’t so as to not compete with MeshCAM).

It imports DXFs, SVGs, and pixel images for use as texture files.

currently you cannot. I’ve been pondering writing a converter tool, and so far it does not seem to be completely insane so maybe one of these weekends I’ll just end up writing that :wink:


A useful tool would be one which would create a greyscale depth map from an STL.

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Exactly my thought …

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ok builing tool that just creates a depthmap from an STL… done. that wasn’t too hard.

next step: have the tool write a .c2d file (in pro mode) that has the image already in it so that you only need to do the toolpaths… so need to figure out the file format for that :wink:

Please share.

I found this a while ago, but gave up after a bit. I can’t remember why, but I know I wasn’t successful.

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I need to clean the code up a bit and optimize performance, but I’ll stick it on github hopefully later today still

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pushed the code to github, and wrote a quick howto at


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