Carbide create pro design question

I just recently purchased CC pro and I am struggling with making some good, detailed trees. I make quite a few custom wooden signs up here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I usually just pocketed out my trees but am trying to upscale them a bit more. I am new to the greyscale thing. I am trying but just can’t seem to get the detail of the needles or leaves that I have seen on some other signs around the area. Does anyone out there have any easy-to-follow tutorials or advice? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Start with a vector or other image — do you have one as a starting point?

The resolution of a grayscale image is important. With a low res grayscale image the 3d modeling does not make a very precise tool path. Also your overall depth may help by cutting deeper to get more contrast from the top to the bottom of the trees. If you have a relatively shallow relief even with a high resolution grayscale drawing you wont get much resolution. Grayscale runs from 0 to 255 so there are some programs that you can open and check the following site to help explain grayscale resolution and pixel density.

If you have a graphics program that has the Histogram function you can see the levels of grayscale.

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