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Hi All,

I just added a drilling operation in my project. .125" thick material.
I set all the parameters as needed and used a BitSetter for corners and top of material, double checked it too. All good.

The drill operation is eight .062" dia. holes, I selected the PECK DRILL function and left all the settings as is with the TOP as the start and depth set as .140" from the top surface.

The issue: The drill starts about .25 height and never touches the material. I had this happen before.
Is it a bug or am I missing something in the setup?

File attached.
Stab Base 1-8 Thk-A.c2d (68 KB)

Thanks for any help on this ~ KAP

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Preview of the G-code:

matches the 3D preview in Carbide Create:

could the #102 have gotten pushed up into the collet?

I’d re-zero the Z-axis and re-run the drilling toolpaths only.

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I will reset the ZERO and try again. The .062" bit has a 1/4" shank and I did snug it so I do not think it moved.

Thanks ~ KAP

For some reason the BitSetter never Zero’d out. The 2nd time was a charm.

Thanks ~KAP

If you used the BitZero to set your X Y and Z zero the .125" is too thin if doing all 3. You would do the X and Y and then do the Z separately on top of the material. If the BitZero was on the spoilboard and on the corner you were not touching the bottom of the Bitzero. That would make your Z zero too high.

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