Carbide Create Pro - Free For a Year

Navy Logo (1.9 MB)

Thanks to everyone at CC! I did some ‘improvements’ to Chris Powell’s Navy emblem. So, to all my CC and Navy brethren, here is the file for your use.

CC has been generous and this is about all I can contribute. Who else has something to share to the community? Lets make this HUGE for everyone!


Tutorial on drawing and modeling at:

Carbide 3D thank you for this opportunity, this will keep me home learning something new. Dang now my wife knows where I am.

Tried verifying my email but have not received the automated email.

Worked perfect, thank you guys!

see From STL file to Carbide Create (PRO) [screenshots included]


Awesome gift, guys. Thank you!

Thanks Carbide3D …

Very generous indeed. Thank you.

Well I guess I am in the waiting game for my gmail verification. lol! clicked the link and went back to it and it says license already assigned. I will patiently wait! Thanks

You should be able to log into Launchpad and view the licenses you’ve been issued there.

You guys are the best. Great products and top notch customer service. Can’t wait to try some 3D carving. Thanks Carbide3D!

Thank you to the entire Carbide 3D crew!

Thanks guys, this is really neat! I will be tinkering more with it later today, but in the first 5 minutes, I can see that this is going to be a really nice setup!

I am also getting these credentials

Thank you…An incredible gesture!

Thank you Carbide 3D Team for the opportunity to give this a try!

For those having trouble with email, you can skip the email by just downloading the trail code file.

  1. Login, already covered in this thread, make the request and you’ll see this screen:

  2. In the bottom right, you’ll see a link to view the file where you can save or view it. @Julien has previously posted instructions , above, which are:

  1. Open Carbide Create, click “Help” then click “Register” and paste the trial registration into the window.

  2. Close and reopen Carbide Create and you’re done!

EDIT: If anyone see an issue with these instructions, please let me know and I’ll make corrections.


Great offer i will be download pro this evening.

Still no verification link sent to my email. Trying to log into launchpad, but no luck.

I got in to get my licence finally, want to shout out a big Thank You for this great gift

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