Carbide Create Pro how many computers

With Carbide Create Pro how many computers can it be installed on? I have one laptop in my shop that I run my machine on. One laptop in the house that I design on. But I have an older desktop that I have my older version of CAD on.

Three should be fine for this usage — we just ask that more than one copy not be in use at a time.


Does the license manager need a internet connection (try to phone home) ?

I don’t believe so.

Basically we just trust people.

If you have an instance where it wants to connect to the internet it should be okay to ignore it (I think we added back checking for updates?) and of course, submitting a Bugsplat crash report is optional.

That works for me. I used to manage CAD systems and used FlexLM , Sentinel or HASP products for licence management.

The honor system is fine.


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