Carbide Create Pro - Import image question

I’ve looked for a similar post and have not been able to find one.

Trying to create a simple rectangle within a rectangle then apply an image only to the area between those rectangles. Basically a border. I’ve tried selecting outer shape then inner shape, import image - the image is over the complete area. I’ve tried selecting inner shape then outer shape, import image. Same result.

How do you get the image to import ONLY between the two shapes?

I believe you would need to import the image into the outer rectangle, then subtract the interior rectangle from the model.

I don’t understand the why. and both show a texture imported that does not cover the whole design but only areas that are chosen.

If you draw in geometry and have it selected when importing is should limit the texture to that area.

That is why I’m confused. I chose the outer rectangle, then the inner rectangle. The image was applied to the entire design.

Correct, one imports the whole thing, then one subtracts what one doesn’t want. Post your file,.

Attaching 2 files. First one I selected the outer rectangle then the inner and imported the image. Image filled the entire field.

Second file - I did as you suggested and imported the image to the entire field, then selected the inner rectangle and subtracted. Same result, except now the inner is rounded with the texture.

rectangle border 1.c2d (780.4 KB)

rectangle border 2.c2d (1.4 MB)

In the textured dish video at approximately 8:38 he states “I’m going to load up a texture, but I want to isolate it only in this area. So I’m going to select the outside border and this [inside] border and or texture is only going to fill in in between those.” He imports the texture (the collection of dots icon) and the texture only fills between the selected area.

That is all I’m trying to do. Thanks for your help.

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