Carbide Create Pro questions

Just started using CC Pro today and i’m fumbling my way through it. I drew my sign in Adobe Illustrator and imported all the vector work into CC Pro. When i select some vectors and make a “shape” out of a component, everything works fine and dandy. But if i decide after that fact that i make a change, say to the angle of some font by right clicking and “edit component”, i don’t get all the same options i originally had.

Is there another place to get those options back or do i need to delete that component out of my list and recreate it?

You have to delete that component and try again (at least for me). Do you have latest version of create?
Also I found the preview function pretty helpful when messing around with things.


I do have the latest version. I did a bunch of different subtraction features and then i messed with the setting on the next one and ended up liking that look better. So now i’ve got a couple original components i need to go back and mess with to make them the same.

I asked a similar question when using CC, and this is the reply I got: here

Maybe it’s the same with you?