Carbide Create Pro V7 - Just crashed and Deleted my ENTIRE PROJECT!

Carbide Create Pro V7 (on Macbook Pro) - Just crashed and Deleted my ENTIRE PROJECT!!! I have been working on this file/project for over 2 weeks refining the design and toolpaths and I’m so FRUSTRATED!! It crashed (like normal, happens all the time), but this time it deleted EVERYTHING inside the file. I restarted the program many times and my computer, in hopes that it somehow would work again.

Has this happened to anyone else?

The program is also still not working properly. I tried creating a new project and the entire box (design area) shows up all dark gray. It seem to work like normal, but I don’t trust it. How can I trust that it’s working fine? If I create a new file and redo all that work, what’s to stop it from do this again? Especially since the program is still acting weird.

Please try restoring a previous copy of the file from a backup. When I’m working on a long-term project, each time I stop working on it, I’ll save a copy into a “backups” folder w/ the filename appended w/ a description of the current state.

The all-grey issue arises from the grid being set to be very fine:


change the grid size to something reasonable:



Thanks! You were right, it was the grid that made it all gray.

I understand creating a backup copy and I’ll definitely do that now, but we shouldn’t have to do that. I just don’t understand why it would just delete the entire contents of the file. I get programs crash from time to time, but deleting the entire contents of the file is just crazy!

Has that happened to you before too?
Do you know if we can recover a file?

I’ve never had a Carbide Create file crash and be unrecoverable.

If you still have a copy of the .c2d file you can mail it to us at and we’ll try to look into it.

Your computer may be making backups w/o your setting that up though — if your user directory is on Onedrive, go into that and right-click on the file and choose to review the previous versions.

You should have the file in time machine, even if you are not plugged into a backup disk. Open the time machine app and then go to the directory, then you should be able to go “back in time” to an earlier copy.