Carbide Create Pro- What do you want to see?

We’ve been putting a lot of time lately into an update to Carbide Create that will add a big, new feature. We’ve been calling this version “Carbide Create Pro” internally and it’ll probably be a paid upgrade (I suspect that name will stick when we release it).

Just to head off an obvious question- the free Carbide Create will continue to be updated and improved. The Pro version is just for some higher-end features that cost more to develop and support.

We have a good idea of what we’d like to include in the feature list but we also wanted to ask everyone here for their thoughts as well.

What features would you like to see added to Carbide Create?


Any chance you could post a list of the new features you’re already including? I don’t want to suggest something you’re already doing.

  1. Trochoidal milling / adaptive clearing
  2. embed a decent feeds and speed calculator, that includes chip thinning compensation
  3. fix the fact that you can move objects inadvertently with a single misplaced mouse movement
  4. support (very) large design files with no chance of crashing
  5. keep it an offline tool
  6. price it somewhat cheaper than V-Carve desktop

and I’m sold!


The one big new feature that I would love to see in a “Pro” version would be the ability to accept a heightmap image for machining. MeshCAM, PixelCNC, and Vectric Aspire (but apparently not Vcarve or lower) can do this.

To absolutely win the day, pencils down, stick a fork in it, please take my money, et cetera, just add a relatively straightforward additional feature on top of that: Let us overlay an SVG for engraving on top of the heightmapped surface. I’m not sure if Vectric Aspire will do that, but you certainly can’t get there with Vcarve, MeshCAM, an so on.

For me, that would make trails on a terrain relief model super-easy. For other users, imagine engraving text or your maker’s mark or whatever onto a project. (Make an art piece and engrave your signature on it, quickly and easily.)


I would presume that it would be “true 3D” and would hope that the price would be reasonable. Software that costs more than my 3XL, or a yearly “subscription fee” that bleeds me dry is not something of value to me. Make it good…make it usable (I don’t want to be required to have a Doctorate Degree to use it) and make it affordable.

My Ideal program would have full functionality at the basic (learning interface) level and would allow me use more of the program as I became more adept. My issue with Fushion 360 is that I can’t make anything in the program, without learning the entire program. And, Please…PLEASE avoid “feature creep”.

  • “Hey, we’ve got this awesome program. Let’s add a bunch of cool programming to make it ‘flashier’ and impress everyone.” Remember KISS.

A few smaller items. Ramping into pockets by setting a ramp angle in the tool library. Tool start point set for profile cutting. Helical ramp milling for holes and pocket starting. Trochoidal milling and Adaptive clearing as mentioned earlier. Maybe a tool library list like a spreadsheet where cutting information for ramping and settings for trochoidal milling. Easier to add new tooling to the library. Keep dxf files together on import or at least an easy way to connect them.

But for the most part what you have done with the free version covers most of the simple jobs and what it doesn’t I can make in other software and run in Carbide Motion. Keep up the good work.


Adaptive clearing & ramping functionality would be great as other have suggested. Alsothe ability to export to svg/dwg/dxf.


The ability to click and drag to scale up items instead of guessing at the scale percentage.

And another vote for adaptive clearing and a GOOD feeds & speeds calculator.


What about small features (e.g. when you hit tab to go to the next data field, it automatically selects all of the text in that data field?)


Trochoidal milling/some form of adaptive clearing would be awesome

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If I understand what you’re asking for:

That was added in CC400:

Try the unstable CC403 at:

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This should be in the latest unstable:

These are some things I would like to see:

  1. the ability to combine multiple 2cd files

  2. flat bottom vcarve

  3. overall better toolpaths instead of having the bit jump around the entire piece.

  4. adaptive clearing and ramping

  5. when making texts, please make the font selections the actual font they are.

  6. inlay capability

Thank you for reading.


I would love an intuitive way to add new end mills to the library, or a way to import them.

The ability to drag out a selection box around points (verts) and some manipulator handles when they are selected?

A more thorough set of text editing tools (and WAY more fonts included)

A better solution for zooming in and around your workspace.

Getting Ctl+Z to actually function properly.

I’m sure I can think of more, I just need a little more time…

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Fix importing metric DXF’s. To get accurate DXF’s I still have to scale by a ridiculous number in another program before importing my DXF because CC assumes it’s imperial. If I pick metric in settings it should import as metric.

Portable tool library. I set up all my tools on my PC in my office thinking I’d only use that to program, but soon found that if I wanted to make a change/addition etc. part way through a job, it was useful to have CC on the laptop I use to run CM. Then found out I’d have to re-create all my tools because there’s no way to copy them.


• Keep it Mac compatable
• A more robust tool library functionality:
- ability to re-order tools, say drag-and-drop
- ability to delete Carbide’s native tools making a much wider scale of numbers available for our own systems
• Improved preview, obviating the need for CAMotics or equivalent.
• Import of SVG’s from Affinity Designer at proper scale (I would hope this would apply to the non-pro version as well)


One thing that I always run to v-carve for is the ability to set a max depth on a v-carve toolpath and created a secondary clearance operation.

Aside from that I really want to try 3D carvings but I am intimidated by Fusion 360 and other 3D CAD/CAM software.


I’m interested to see what the price point will be, there’s a real opportunity to make some great software here.

My wants:

  • jpeg image trace to vectors
  • more efficient v carve toolpaths
  • bezier curves/node editing in sketch tool
  • option to select a line and dimension it, and have the ability to change that dimension (like fusion360 dimension tool)
  • more toolpath options… helical & linear ramping, keep tool down, adaptive toolpaths, limiting v-carve depth, flat area clearance tool (like vectric), chamfer toolpaths

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Can you have the max depth default to 0 and force us to enter a depth so there’s no related mishaps?


The list is long but it should include, keeping Mac compatibility but also the app should follow ALL the O/S functions (for both Mac and Windows) like drag and drop, keyboard shortcuts, select, move, etc.
Here is a short list of functions to include:
adaptive clearing;
roughing and detail passes;
a tool library not exclusive to Carbide’s offering;
Having several different F&S stored for each tool in the database based on the type of material chosen;
MUCH improved tollpaths that don’t appear to be created by a drunk machinist;
Importing 3D models and milling 3D models;
Being able to import several files in the same project;
Creating textures;
Ability to trim vectors;
Creating stars;
Creation of inlays;
Creation of job sheets