Carbide create problem

hello, I have a problem on cc, it is impossible for me to put a comma in the quotation boxes. I’m on windows 10. is there anything to check?

Thanks for your responses !

I’m afraid that Carbide Create isn’t properly internationalized. You’ll need to change the decimal separator to be a period.

It might be this is fixed in a new version (ISTR @robgrz mentioning something about it), but it’s not specified as fixed at

Adding to @WillAdams’s answer, here’s how to do it

EDIT : I can’t remember, I was probably still on Win7 at the time, the menus may not be quite the same on W10, but you get the idea.

Avec un nom comme ça, y-a-t-il une chance que tu sois Français ? :slight_smile:


Tout a fait ! I m french , but i speak english like a spanish cow !

merci pour la réponse je verifie ça ce soir en rentrant du boulot et je vous dis .

Welcome to the community Romain.
If you need any help in French to get started, feel free to send me a private message.

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