Carbide Create - Reference Image

I am a novice user that just received his Nomad 883. Can a reference image or drawing be imported into Carbide Create?
Thank you.

I don’t think so.

One work-around is to make the reference image your desktop wallpaper/background, then use a utility to make the Carbide Create window transparent.

Alternately, just use Inkscape or some other vector editor to re-draw, then export to a .svg and import that.

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Thank you! I have Inkscape so I am going to try that. You also answered another question I had which was what file format does Carbide Create want. I converted a .dwg file to .dxf and tried to open it and it was a mess.

background image can be imported. Go to the job setup, little gear. Down at the bottom there’s a edit background. Add a background image. I work millimeters so i set the size of the cell something like a half a millimeter and use the point to point to trace the image. hope it helps, hope that was what your talking about:)


Great idea. I am definitely going to try that! Thank you. The other suggestion about using Inkscape worked very well also. I was able to import an image and Inkscape can automatically trace it. I just saved the trace as an .svg and loaded it into Carbide Create.