Carbide Create roughing operation

Hi, I’m using CC to cut something out and I set up two toolpaths, one with my roughin bit and the second with my finish bit. I produced the gcode and when I ran it and it got to the second bit it started cutting like there was no roughing pass, cutting air.

Did I do something wrong?

I’m unaware of CC having rest-machining functionality. Sounds like you created two overlapping toolpaths, which would result in what you describe. If you upload the CC file here we can have a look.

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Oh, that’s what it is then. So there’s no way to speed up the process? I booleaned some text inside a box and pocket cut it so it will leave the letters embossed and the rest of the stock removed.

The second clean-up toolpath could be just a run around the outside lines of the letters (and inside of the box) rather than a pocket operation like the roughing out.


As @JaredHooper said, you can run an inside/outside line job to get the detail on the edges and use a larger tool with a pocketing job to hog out the bulk. It’s not perfect, but it works in a pinch


This was exactly what I needed.

Here’s the project. I’m making 5 nyc taxi medallions that each need a unique number embossed. I molded an original with clay over the dates and numbers leaving a rectangular blank area. I then cast them in plastic and am cutting them out with the serial numbers in the script.