Carbide Create saving Gcode soooooo slowly

I’m a relative NOOB here…but have completed a few simple projects. I am trying to save out some Gcode from Carbide create this morning (latest beta) and it’s taking 15+ min to save a relatively simple file. Is anyone else experiencing issues? I just updated Carbide Create yesterday I think…

Even Calculating simulations to see what my cuts will look like is just taking forever…

Check your DOC in the toolpaths.
Could be defaulting to zero.

DOC? Does that refer to diameter of cut? Here is shot of what I am trying to cut out. .svg pattern I am trying to pocket cut with a #112 cutter.

Depth of Cut. Aka Depth per pass.

Unclick the box at the top.

Refer to the speeds and feeds chart for values based on your material.

Hey you were right! My DOC was indeed defaulted to 0.000. I updated and Gcode saved immediately. You da bomb Apollo.

Nice pattern, what are you cutting?

cutting a test pattern I worked up in illustrator into some resin material right now. Consulted the speeds/feeds chart and it’s really flying along now!

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Seems like you shouldn’t be able to set this to an illegal/invalid value - is there any case where 0.0 would be a valid DOC?

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For plotter use w/ a pen or perimeter traversing it would be nice for it to do a single pass.

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