Carbide Create Selecting Circles cannot get Center to Select

Often I am making circles that are .125" and sometimes you can select the center of the circle to snap to grid on another object. Sometimes you can only select a node on the outside of the circle. I have enlarged the circles on the screen and still cannot get the center to select. Other times I can. Seems like when you create the circle the center is select-able. After you deselect the circle I cannot seem to ever select the center of the circle again.

Any suggestions on how to fix this or is this a bug?

One can only interact w/ a circle when it is selected:

Once it is selected the center may be used as a drag-handle to position the circle.

Will last night I was designing something and even though I selected the circle and expanded the screen to make selecting the center larger I could not get the center to select. I could select the nodes on the outside of the circle but could never get the center to highlight so I could drag the circle to an object that was snapped to the grid.

This problem is intermittent and sometimes it works but sometimes does not work for me.

I’ve had the same issue intermittently. It’s frustrating but the only solution I’ve found is to copy/paste the trouble-making circle, and the pasted copy usually allows me to select its center.

If you have a file which has this difficulty, please send it and step-by-step instructions to and we will do our best to look into this.

Select the Circle
Then under Transform Select the “Scale Icon”
This should show the below and allow you to grab the circle and allow you to move or resize it


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Turn off Snap to Grid makes it easier to move.
Click and hold and drag on the little square which is the center of the circle

I am using the snap to grid to precisely place the circle. The problem is intermittent and not consistent. Last night it was working. Scottsdalesteve has the same issue.