Carbide Create - Send to Motion feature

This is an inobvious feature which has undergone a change in recent versions — it now allows sending a file from one computer running Carbide Create to Carbide Motion running on a different computer over the network (it also works on the same computer using the loopback)

Testing with Carbide Create 520 and Carbide Motion 536. Note that it is necessary when installing/running Carbide Motion to grant it network access.

First, in Carbide Motion enable the “Allow Remote Access” option under Settings:

then, with Carbide Motion ready to receive a file, in Carbide Create, load or make a file which is ready to be made and go to the Toolpaths pane:

and click “Send to Carbide Motion” which will bring up a dialog box:


make the appropriate choices and click “Send File”:

Carbide Motion will update the main Run pane:

click on “Start Job” and continue as normal after viewing the file and checking and confirming that it has completely transferred.


Okay cool I got the file transfer working now, but like you mentioned, they are incomplete transfers where the machine only cuts the first inch or so then it stops.

I have the same thing going on. The fie transferred thru CC is incomplete, doesn’t even show the tool chance, where as the saved and loaded file is all there.

CC transferred file:

Manual save and load:

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@WillAdams do you have any updates on the incomplete file transfers?

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I’ve also experienced an incomplete transfer. It was a very detailed job with 120,000 lines and didn’t spot it until I tried a second time and it truncated at a different position. Both transfers got truncated at around 500-600 lines.
The final lines themselves must have been corrupt too as the tool just suddenly ploughed sideways until it hit the limit switch. This has damaged the cutting edge of my 1 week old bundled #102 :frowning:

Was your file transfer between two computers over a network or on one computer using a loopback?

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Over the network between two Windows 10 laptops.

Mine is on the single laptop using the loopback

I suppose there is no fix for this yet? I just got my Shapeoko 4 up and running connected to a raspberry pi 4. Was able to send a file to the machine. Carbide Create shows over an hour estimated for the job. Carbide Motion on the pi shows less than 2 minutes.

View the file on the Pi — I suspect it’s a partial copy.