Carbide Create stock size 16"x16"limit how to make bigger for xxl

As the title states im limited in carbide create to 16"x16" any thing bigger spits an error,id like to make mdf cabinet doors on the xxl,whats the trick in cc to get the larger stock sizes meant for the xxl machine so i can make the toolpath??

In the Job setup page, Change your machine to Shapeoko XXL - then you can adjust the work size in CC to greater than 16x16.

nautilus gear test.c2d (1.9 MB)


Thank you apollo,that worked :slight_smile:

What if I have an XXL and wanting larger than the 32" max?
Iā€™m designing a wasteboard which can handle the full capacity of my machine while still allowing me to add a fence.

Carbide Create only uses the stock size for 3D previewing ā€” you can create geometry and toolpaths of any size which you wish. You can tile to make larger projects.