Carbide Create SVG Import Issue

I was playing around with a model downloaded from MakeCNC, and came across a problem when opening it with carbide create.

Software versions
Inkscape 0.91 /w Gcodetools v1.7
Carbide Create 313
makercam - whatever is online today

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open provided .dxf and open with inkscape, then save-as to convert to svg. Files created with “Plain SVG” and “Inkscape SVG” both have the same behavior.
  2. Open .svg file with Carbide Create, the lines for engraving are not present.
  3. Open .svg file with MakerCam, the model looks correct.

Contrast House_R_1-16_inch.dxf (1.3 MB)

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Our support for non-closed paths needs some work — looping in @robgrz and @edwardrford — hopefully they can add this to our suite of test files.

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Are the missing lines created with a “straight line” tool versus a “pen” tool? When I import svg’s with the tool meant for straight lines, they do not appear in CC. However, if I make the line with the Bezier tool, even though perfectly straight, they do sucessfully import (except for size issues discussed elsewhere).

Has there been a fix to this? I am running into this exact issue now. I created the content myself in InkScape using the Bezier tool and only part of the design will transfer.

My problem with importing an SVG in CC is that while I can move it, I can’t resize it. If I do the same in Easel for example, I have no problem moving or resizing the SVG. I use Mac OS build 313. I guess unlike Easel, we are also limited to importing a single SVG per file in CC which is also a pain.

You should be able to select imported geometry and scale it — there’s a re-size tool (select, Scale | Resize).

Also, under Import when nothing is selected there is now an “Import External File” button (second button after Library under Import).

Might want to update to the beta build 316:

I closed the file and restarted, now it works. I will upgrade to the newest build