Carbide Create to gSender

I made my design and toolpaths in Carbide Create and want to export to gsender to start milling on my 3018 machine.

But I can only export an SVG…

Did I miss I actually need a license before I can export a file for gsender…?

You will need a Pro license:

You can download v6 of CC and that still makes .nc files. For the v7 CC only the pro version can download a separate .nc file. In v7 the .c2d file is encrypted with the design and gcode in the same file. In v6 the design file is separate from the gcode file. Only Carbide Motion can read the encrypted files of v7 and CM will not work with non C3D machines like your 3018. So buy a pro license or download v6 Carbide Create

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great stuff, thx for the tip! But where do I download v6 Carbide Create?


Nevermind, found it!

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