Carbide Create - Tool Library organization and filtering

There’s a lot of duplication of endmill data in the tool library. Right now the physical details of each mill has to be entered in each library.

There’s also no filtering. If my machine is a Shapeoko, and my stock is MDF, why are all these other libraries shown to me by default?

Even if physically more than one file, the tool library should appear as one unified DB. As such, each tool’s physical details should only appear once, and then a set of ‘feeds and speeds’ for that tool should also be qualified by machine and stock type.

Filtering is then trivial.

Unless I’ve misunderstood, I think there are differences (where applicable) in the speeds and feeds for the different materials?

I could be wrong, though :thinking:

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Right,but the data for a particular endmill should appear once, and then multiple rows in the DB should reference it. Each row in the DB has Machine, Material, and feeds and speeds, and a reference to the endmill data.

OK, that makes sense.

It’s quite possibly a limitation of the database, being a *.csv file, further limited by the capability of CC, perhaps.

…and I should’ve read the rest of your email! :blush:

That was sort of how things worked for CC316 — the problem is in the new version the only numbers which matter are:

  • endmill diameter — used to calculate toolpath offset
  • endmill type — if a ball-nosed, preview will be rounded
  • V angle — for V carving
  • feed
  • speed
  • depth per pass

Everything else is just window-dressing.

You can filter using the drop-downs at the top for machine and material type though.

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