Carbide Create - Tool Path Tip

Heres something that has been really useful for me in Carbide Create.
By editing an existing Toolpath and cntrl clicking you can add more shapes to that Toolpath.
This will save you a lot of time, for example you can modify an existing file and create a library of derivative iterations, or you can add more parts to a job.
I used this technique to turn my Sunglass Case Design file into a Simple Ring Box Design in about 2 minutes.

Here is the Simple Ring Box

This technique will be useful for other situations as well.

Lets begin in the Toolpaths section- you can right click to get several options:

  • click edit.

While in that toolpath edit screen cntrl click on the lines you want to the add to that toolpath.

Now the two square box’s with circular center pockets are using the same toolpath settings as the sunglass case, Its that easy.

So one design can now be adapted into another.
Pretty huge IMO.

Here are the two halves, they are a tight fit.

Completed friction fit Ring box - closed.


Love the design but i really dont understand how you did it lol

Am i the only one who isnt getting this? Are there other tutorials for CC so i can catch up?

Your not the only one

Heres the CC Sunglass Case with the Ring Box file for download:

Once you download the file, try drawing some new shapes.

Then Edit an existing toolpath and CNTRL click onto the new shape = You will see the new shape is now included in the toolpath.

More tutorioals and videos are coming,
Heres the link to the Carbide Create Guide:

Thank you Apollo,I will try again and look over the CC guide

@Apollo, you think a wooden yoyo project would be possible?

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@ApolloCrowe Thank you for sharing this project! I’m a beginner and it’s been challenging to make anything without constant failure at every turn.

I was able to load in your work, run the machine, and share the results with the family. My daughters all have a ring box now!

You inspire us to keep working at it until we can build cool stuff of our own.

Thanks again!

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