Carbide Create toolpath problems

Hi having problems with doing a toolpath for any of the shapes. When trying to do a toolpath simulation it is not showing any rapids.
For text or anything else there is no problems.
This as only started to happen to day.
Can anyone help
Thanks Dave

Could you post a file and a screengrab?

sorry can only do photo and g code hope that helps
Thanks dave

no (1.9 KB)

It is not showing rapids because there are no rapids to show. The first rapid will be from wherever the router is at the start of the cut so It should go from front center to the box but that is not always a given. After that there is nowhere else for the router to go so there are no rapids, only the cut. If you add another shape there will be a rapid like the image here. It will cut one shape and then move to the other but then that is it.

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Thank you for your help on my problem it has helped. What was happening is the router was coming across and would not start the cut. It turned out to be candle software problem. All fixed now. I have only got a cheap machine I bought to see how I got on it is only a 3018.
I am ready to buy a shapeoko when I Can get 1 delivered to the UK.
Do you have a shapoeoko if so how do you rate it.
Thanks for your help.

I started with a 3018 as well and quickly decided it was too small for me. I bought a Shapeoko 3XL early this year and love it so far. I have had only minor issues with it. Most were my fault but anything that was machine related was take care of very quickly by Carbide 3D. I looked at a few other machines and the only one that seemed comparable was the X-Carve and it really was no comparison. This website really helped sell me.
I know that it is from carbide 3D and therefore bias to some degree but it led me to look up the mentioned items and they were right. The other thing that helped sell me was the warranty. the X-carve website said they would try to help with issues. Carbide 3D has an amazing warranty and pair that with this forum and it was a no contest really. If I had the spare cash I would probably by another one and get the XXL this time to work on larger items.


You can get them from other suppliers here in the UK, for example: Shapeoko 4 Desktop CNC Machine — Cool Components

There’s also a reasonable second-hand market. I bought my S03-XL from a forum member in Staffordshire who advertised here.


Thanks ryan and Gerry

Was your problem the machine stopping and the pause button in Candle highlighted? Carbide Create inserts a tool change command even if you’re not changing tools. To fix simply click the pause button and it will continue with the rest of your job.

There’s a 19K user 3018 Facebook group, despite saying Sainsmart it’s open to all 3018 users. Yeah, it’s faceplant, but you can find a lot of help there. Some of us are enthusiastic Carbide Create users.

Yes all sorted Thanks. It was a problem with Candle software. Im in the Sainsmart group.
Im just saving up for a new Shapoko 4
Thats when I can get 1 in the uk
Thanks Dave

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