Carbide Create updates on pro

Hello everyone, I am a newbie to cnc. I have the 5 pro 4x4 and am having alot of fun with it. Can anyone tell me does updates occur automatically on carbide create pro or do we have to download. If we have to download, how to do it.

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New versions get posted to:

when they are moved to Stable status, and are usually announced either here, or on the Blog:

As @WillAdams gave the site there are no automatic updates. The announce when beta versions are available and sometimes when a new stable version is available. It is advisable to just go check for an update before starting a big project.

I have archived editions back to CC v3. Occasionally people need the older versions for some reason and I will post them on google drive. You can run v6 and v7 on the same computer. The v6 was the last version that made gcode without having a pro license. The free v7 has the gcode encoded into the c2d files and for 3rd party CNC machines you use v6 or pay for the v7 pro license to make separate gcode.

Thank You for the info and update

Thank you for info. Appreciate it

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