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Hi everyone,

Pretty new here but I have to ask. Carbide Create crashes multiple times when I use it. I have to save my work I am back in the 90’s with microsoft word. Does anyone experience this? Is this a known issue and everyone just deals with it?

Some users report this, but it’s usually only on new machines which are downloading patches and so forth.

If you have a repeatable crash on a current (or beta) version, running on an up-to-date OS on a computer which meets our system requirements, please let us know the step-by-step instructions for causing the crash at and we’ll do our best to look into it.

If you’re on Windows and you get the chance to submit a Bugsplat error report, please do.

On Mac, if you get a crash and have the Log information, sending that in to should allow a programmer to look into the issue.

I seem to get the same random crashing on three different machines across two different networks. I will try to capture some data on this.

I use Carbide Create on 3 very capable computers 2 less than a year old with Windows 11. I have had no problem on 2 of the computers but on the newest, a Victus HP game computer it locks up after just a few tasks with the only other program running being Motion and from a fresh restart. Noticed that it was eating 8GB of memory causing Norton to post memory low warnings, which shouldn’t be as I can run Illustrator on it with no issue. The other 2 computers have 16 GB, but as I indicated, believe 8 GB should be more than enough. Decided to increase the memory to 16 GB, and it’s been a week, and have had no problem. It appears for some reason the program is being a memory hog on the Victus.

Which video card does the Victus have? What driver version is it using? When it crashes are you able to submit a Bugsplat report?

GTX 1650, the latest but not the Beta, No, I swore a couple of times I’m sure, or possibly a few.

When I use it on my laptop that has 16GB memory (versus the 8 of the other computer) it lasts a lot longer before it crashes.

I imported this image, traced it, then started to delete some of the little jiblets. immediately upon starting to delete some of the little traces the memory usage jumps up by a few 100mb every delete. This keeps hapening until i get to max memory (16gb almost) and then it crashes.
HEre is the cc file
skull inlay.c2d (200 KB)
Here is the jpg I traced.

Here is a screenshot of the mem usage. You can see it just jumps up for every time I delete one little line. I probably deleted 6 in this short 40 second time period.

Okay, I:

downloaded the 755 beta and installed it

launched it

went into image tracing mode and traced it with default settings:

Edit | Select | Small Regions with default settings:

deleted them.

Set Stock size in Job Setup to be larger than the design, grouped it, centered it:

and set up an Advanced V carving toolpath:

(this is on my couple of years-old MacBook — I’ll try again on my positively ancient, Samsung Galaxy Book 12 when I get a chance)

Please keep sending in Bugsplat reports — hopefully we can puzzle out the specific difficulty and address it (though I suspect buggy video card driver — check w/ the manufacturer to see if they have an improved version?)

So far I did not resize the object to a smaller dimension before editing - maybe I will try that.

Also setting up the toolpaths etc. doesn’t seem to eat up the ram like making changes (deleting) parts of the image trace. Also I did not group it (maybe that is it ? having so many pieces ungrouped?) so that I could delete the tiny little traces I did not want.

I can’t install bugsplat as I am on a work computer where I don’t have full rights to install. I will try on an older comp at home.

Likely time to upgrade your PC.
I have 64 MB of Ram and I never have any issues.

My old PC was having some real problems when I would do a big V-Carve and then do the 3D rendering.

16 MB is the problem.


64.0 GB

Speed:	2667 MHz
Slots used:	2 of 2
Form factor:	SODIMM
Hardware reserved:	180 MB

Available	52.8 GB 
Cached	32.1 GB
Committed	12.9/67.8 GB
Paged pool	1.1 GB
Non-paged pool	707 MB
In use (Compressed)	10.0 GB (0 MB)

That may indeed fix the problem, but I don’t think that is a real solution for a program that has the ram requirements set at 4 Gigabytes. 16 GB should be plenty to run the program.

I think there is some specific glitch where the program kept on capturing more and more RAM, it just kept on increasing an increasing until it reached 16 gigabytes. I have since we made the file with the same image but downsized it, and I cannot repeat that problem with it Sucking up all the ram and crashing.

I will see if I can recreate the situation

If you have a file which causes a problem, please save it and send it in to along w/ the instructions for causing the problem and we will do our best to have a developer look into it.

You are right. I ran this on my other PC with 16MB ram and it ran flawlessly.
I opened the Task Manager and the only time I had a blip in the Ram was when I did the 3d rendering.
The Blip was only .1 MB of Ram.

I have now been running into this problem consistently with multiple files. It seems to happen mostly when I am generating shapes/moving shapes/ aligning etc.

Here is a video of me poking around and CC using all the ram. Forgive the speed at which I work - I don’t know what I am doing in CC.

video uploading shortly

video of ram explosion

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