Carbide Create V-7

I’m having a problem with V-7. Need a little help please,

  1. None of my projects from V-6 back will load on V-7 and V-7 cannot be read on V-6 or later.
    also, when i save my work it will get to 66% and quits. never getting to my file folders.

  2. The new Tab setup how do you change the size of the Tabs? 12 X 6mm isn’t working for me.

Thank you,


Are you using the current version of v7 729. I used the earlier versions on beta v7 and some would get stuck at 66% and then go on to save and sometimes not. As the versions progressed that stopped.

I had commented on the beta v7 thread and the 66% seems to be an inflection point in the v7 save procedure. Some people have had similar issues but it turned out to be their file systems were full.

I have been using v7 for a while and had not opened any of my v6 and below projects. I tried to open an older project and the files do not even show up.

I guess you will have to keep v6 installed to open older projects. I have always kept the installers for every version I download. A few people request an older version and I can put it on google drive for them to download.

Your tab question is in the toolpath you change the tab length and width.

Then to place the tabs in Design you open the tab tool and place your tabs where you want them.

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What are the specs on the computer you have? Can you check freespace on your computer?

  1. A file saved in the v6 format from v7 should load into either v6 or v7 — if you have such a file, please post it. Please try making a very simple file in v7, say just a circle, then saving it — if it crashes, let us know at

  2. First, create tabs:


It should then work to set the size:

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Thanks for the follow-up. The tab adjustment has been right in front of me all day, need to sit backfrom the screen.

I’m running an HP with 16 gig of RAM and a 2 TB drive.

Thanks, I’ll give it ago in the morning.

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