Carbide Create V Carving vs. Fusion 360 Engraving

I am playing with the engraving operation in fusion and It seems As though it works differently than the V-Carve function of Carbide create. I understand How V Carving works. the depth of the cut is varied in order to achieve the desired width at the top of the cut. It seems that engraving in fusion works differently, in that the depth of cut is consistent throughout, and the image/text you are trying to carve is achieved at the bottom of the cut rather than the top. (see attached). Am I right in my assumptions? Or am i missing something in fusion? I am using a 90 degree V-bit (45 degree chamfer mill in fusion).

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I don’t like the fusion engraving because the cuts start to run together on really small text

I am a little confused because the result in this thread looks more like a v-carve style result using fusion: Issues with Engraving using Fusion 360

Can you share your file?
Is hard to tell what you have there, but it works the same way it does in CC.

EDIT: Looks like you chose, maybe, to engrave the bottom contours on an extruded pocket? Choose the contours on the surface of your stock. I didn’t extrude the text at all. edit: sorry, I’m playing with it currently. I tried extruding it down and selecting the top contours and got the same result. The tip still cuts to the bottom contour

Your file, nothing changed except that you had “Additional Stock” to remove per your stock setup. I changed that to “No additional Stock”. I doubt you’re facing your clamp, but, if you are, run that operation first.

Back outside to scrub my deck.

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This reminds me of the time I forgot to define my axes ,and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why a simple 2d contour wouldn’t generate properly…facepalm thanks for the help.

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You engrave based on a sketch, so it depends on where the sketch is. It vcarves, but you need the sketch placed at the top of the final product. If it’s below the surface of the material, it’ll look run together…until the top material gets surfaced off.

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Yeah, I didn’t realize I had the stock offset from the top of the model. I knew something didn’t seem right. Still learning.

@AGuyFromOhio Where in Ohio are you from?

Originally from the Zanesville area, but I am moving to Columbus soon.

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