Carbide create v5 download error

i have downloaded carbide create onto a windows 10 machine. everytime I open it a pop up window says carbide create pro trail does not save gcode. i deleted the app to make sure I had down loaded the “non” pro version. i have done this 3 times and all I get is the pop up that seems to be caught in a loop and it pops up over and over.

i didnt have this problem on a mac but needed it loaded on a windows machine

Exit the Pro Trial mode — that will put you into the Free mode and allow saving G-Code.

how do you exit pro trial mode. the app never opens

the pop up message is always stuck in a loop (100’s of times) and application never opens

Go to:

C:\Users\<YOUR USER DIRECTORY>\AppData\Local\Carbide 3D

and delete the Carbide Create folder — that should allow exiting the trial mode.

Do you not get this window?

it is very similar to that yes. but it keeps looping over and over until i can get the app closed. it does not have the buttons on the lower right to choose which one i want.

got it
Thank you so much!!

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