Carbide Create V7 beta changing tool for same tool

I guess I missed the closing of the V7 beta thread by 8 hours, but I finally decided to try the beta. I was running a MC Etcher in Acrylic (making my wife a birthday card since I wasn’t able to sneak out of the house to get one :slight_smile: ) The Toolpaths were Pocket for the lettering, Contour for a cake clip art (using trace function), Pocket for filling the cake clip art. All three using the 503 MC etcher. CM (565) asked for a tool change between each operation even though it was the same tool. Not sure if this is a CC V7 or a CM issue (or an operator issue :roll_eyes: )

Card came out nice other than some small issues with holding the acrylic (used double stick tape…maybe too much)


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