Carbide Create, Vector confusion and time

With all the talk of speeding workflow up with better workflow, are we not spending time with an extra popup when selecting a toolpath in CC ? and confusing vector selection ?

When you select a toolpath. It pops up a box and ask “Cancel - Use current selection - Select by layer”.
Next the toolpath comes up and it again has an option to pick vectors ???
These get me confused. :frowning:
If you pick “change vectors”, it brings up the first pop up again “Cancel - Use current selection - Select by layer” Hmm OK but one click and then a popup to get 2 clicks :frowning: Just add the one extra button to the toolpath form and skip the popup.
And if you click on another vector on the drawing and then hit [“Select” current vectors], it appears to puts it back???. WTH, is not what I just clicked on the drawing now the current vectors. I believe what it means is [“show” the current selected “toolpaths”] or [“show” the currently matched vectors], not selecting the current vectors. It is not selecting anything, it is showing ! To me vectors are on the drawing, toolpaths are toolpaths that are matched to vectors on the drawing. It is just confusing to me. Better wording could be used.
OK yes I figured it out eventually after playing with it but isn’t it better that it makes sense to new users which in turn reduces support questions ?

This just seems overly confusing and since 99.9% of the time it is, [use current selected vectors], then is this not a a waste of time to have the popup if you can change it in the toolpath for that 0.1% ?

So here is my suggestion:
Why not when opening the toolpath, select the currently selected vectors as a “quick selection” if one or more are selected. Drop the popup, Then under vectors in the toolpath. just have 3 buttons:

xxxxxx vectors are selected
[Change to currently selected vectors]
[Select by layer]
[Show current selection]

And as a bonus, the quick action that I mentioned. If a vector is currently selected when you open the toolpath then just use that as preselected vectors, which is the most common choice, if you want to change it then add or change it in the Vector section of the toolpath.
If you want to pick a layer, you don’t have to click on any vector when opening a toolpath. Just select by layer once you are in the toolpath. or add a vector if one was no preselected.

And just to clean the workflow up a bit more, would the vector selection not be at the top as we first pick vectors to create a toolpath out of and then we assign tools to that toolpath. then we define start and depth of that tool … etc

It just seems to save a bunch of time and makes more workflow sense. IMHO
No extra popup, no extra time, no extra clicks, no extra cancel button, cleaner workflow. Less support questions.

Hope I was clear :slight_smile: or did not misunderstand something :slight_smile:

The buttons when defining/editing a toolpath allow selecting the current vectors (for modification or verification) or changing them — without them one would have to delete and remake.

On Windows, just hit tab and enter, on Mac OS, I believe just tapping enter, and the “Use Current Selection” option will be selected.

Thanks Will
I am confused on your comment
No function would be removed other then the popup which seems redundant and a bit of a time waster. Maybe I missing something
I also mentioned a more clear labeling as you are not selecting it is showing the current selection I believe
For me I found it confusing
And clicking one button to get to 2 buttons seems an overkill
But it is just my suggestion

The pop-up allows folks to choose which of the possibilities they want.

I guess I was not clear :slight_smile:
Yep I agree and then you can choose again in the Toolpath form >> Vectors. However 99.9 % of the time we pick [choose current vectors].
So basically we have already picked the vectors. The popup is just confirming incase we want to change to pick by Layer. for that 0.1% Which we can also do in the Toolpath form.

I was suggesting since it is 99.9% of the time we are wasting time and clicks, that we simply preselect the current chosen vectors as we are currently doing and then for that 0.1% you can change it in the Toolpath to layers or a different vectors, reducing popups and keystrokes. We can also change or modify and verify in the toolpath form. So now it is all in one spot. other then we can preselect vectors as a quick action to save time. which we have always done.
I think it is just a mind set. we setup vectors in the Toolpath, not in 2 places. However you can “preselect” the vectors to save time.

The popup is simply not needed for that 0.1% as we can still pick it in the Toolpath

I still suggest better wording as we “show” the current selected vectors, not “select”
and just add the extra button to select by layer so we don’t have to click one button to get to only one more choice. I get that we were reusing the popup. However this simplifies it, and makes it more clear.

I found it confusing to begin with.
I believe the intent is to continually make the product easier to use and reduce support questions

Not including it would cripple the option of associating toolpaths with a layer. Like most things in life, it’s a tradeoff.

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I don’t believe so :slight_smile: as you can still do it in the Toolpath >> vector setup
I tried :slight_smile: I must not be saying it right, that’s OK :slight_smile: Or I am not listening right :slight_smile:

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